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Sunglasses from New York, NYC, Accessories, Aviator Styles, Dsiplay Stands, Fashion Styles etc.


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Accessories, Aviator Styles, Dsiplay Stands, Fashion Styles etc.

Welcome to NY Wholesale Sunglasses!

We're very pleased that you're reading this message. We've designed our web site so that it is pleasing to you and fun to shop but most of all, our products will keep you from going anywhere else and will make you keep coming back. While there are a handful of web sites selling wholesale designer sunglasses and eye wear, what separates us is the fact that we have over 1000+ discount sunglasses and accessories to choose from making us one of the biggest on the net. Please look around and have a "live chat session" with us if you have any questions. We look forward to doing business with you!

  • Purchase Bulk Sunglasses from Wholesale Sunglass Suppliers like us!

    We're 100% sure you have made the right decision to visit our web site. NY Wholesale Sunglasses has been in the wholesale replica sunglasses industry for 10 years and we specialize in selling designer inspired sunglasses worldwide. All of our wholesale sunglasses are "compare price to" meaning that the do not contain any company names or logos so feel confident in knowing that we're a reputable and respected source for your wholesale needs. There are a few things that keep our customers coming back - our fast secure web site, our amazing prices, our processing and shipping times and of course our inventory of over 1000+ products!
  • We Also Sell Wholesale Sunglass Accessories & Display Stands

    Retailers realize that a display is important in selling the products. Sure, you can just lay them on the box and expect people to buy but it would be a lot better if it was displayed using one of our high quality and great looking sunglass display stands. We have sunglass racks that can accommodate from 5 pairs and above 100 pairs for your counter top or as a floor display. The best part is, our sunglass display racks will rotate and some even contain a mirror for easy viewing.
  • Important Facts to Know

    Its confusing on the web when someone searches for fake sunglasses because many web sites come up as advertising to sell this kind as well as the knock off sunglasses kind. Many of these companies found in the search engines these days come from China where replica sunglasses is a booming industry. In China, the laws are not as strict as in the states so these companies create these cheap sunglasses and sell them with company logos, trademarks, a box and even paperwork showing the logo. These fly-by-night impersonators usually get caught and their domains usually get seized. When buying from us, you can be 100% confident in knowing that we do not participate in ANY branding schemes and that our sunglasses are 100% legal to buy and sell.
  • Wholesale Designer Sunglasses Shipped Worldwide!

    We understand that the global market needs wholesale designer sunglasses as well. That is why we've partnered up with the United States Postal Service to provide excellent rates to almost anywhere in the world - not to worry, if you prefer UPS, we ship using UPS as well but USPS is cheaper and most of our customers prefer it over UPS. As a wholesale sunglass company, we get calls and e-mails from a lot of countries on a daily basis but if your country is not on our list, you can still e-mail us as we have options available to you.
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